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Kang Fu provide following moving service:
  1. Transportation
  2. Moving labor
  3. Packing and unpacking
  4. Furniture assemble and disassemble 
Calculation for your moving charge is based on a few criterions:
  1. Number of things to be moved
  2. Moving service needed
  3. Surroundings around building (Elevator or Stairs)
  4. Distance travelled between locations
  5. Time needed to complete the project 
And there are two ways moving charge are calculated
  1. Charge by truck counts: Total is added up by how many trucks used to complete moving. Other moving service such as packing/unpacking, are charged separately.
  2. One price charge: Moving is done with one price, including moving and all service needed to complete moving. 

To get an accurate estimation, please contact our sales representative. 

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